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Product Documentation

Need a product brochure or data sheet? Look for it below:

Brochures and leaflets
Products Catalog (~4.6 MB)

SSP Series Industrial Dehumidifiers (~4.5 MB)

"HI-PANEX-ION®" Heat Wheels (~689 KB)

"DRY-SAVE" Desiccant dehumidifier rotors (~770 KB)

"DRY-SAVE" Desiccant dehumidifier SGP units (~289 KB)

D-MAX® - new, completely re-engineered desiccant rotor (~205 KB) 

Drawings, performance data and ratings
 Desiccant dehumidifier cassettes standard drawings (~150 KB)

"HI-PANEX-ION®" Cassette Nominal Air Flow Ratings (~87 KB)

Note: you can download detailed Performance Report, drawings, controls and VFDs set-up and a wealth of other technical info while using our Selection Tool software:  

         On line HI-PANEX-ION® Heat Wheels Selection Tool

If you could not find a document you were looking for or if you'd like us to mail you a printed copy of it, please contact us

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