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Heat Wheels


the product line of sensible and enthalpy wheels that represents the latest development in rotary air-to-air heat exchange technology.  

Seibu Giken pioneered the use of ion exchange resin desiccant in place of traditional desiccants and developed the world’s first ion adsorption enthalpy wheel, the GREEN-SAVE® (HI-PANEX-ION®), in 1998.

Unlike traditional desiccants such as silica gel and molecular sieve, ion exchange resin attracts water molecules from the air without adsorbing them into the pores. This ionic attraction is highest for water due to the polar electrical field of the water molecules.  This feature  provides HI-PANEX-ION® wheels with the lowest co-adsorption ratio of non-water molecules in the industry; much lower than silica gel, lower than 4A and even 3A molecular sieve desiccants.

HI-PANEX-ION® vs 3A molecular sieve:
Cross-contamination test Results

 Key features:

  • High Sensible and Latent energy transfer Effectiveness of up to 90%

  • Lowest co-adsorption ratio of non-water molecules in the industry

  • Optimized media design for the Lowest Pressure Drops

  • Desiccant treated with an antibacterial agent capable of inhibiting growth or reproduction of bacteria on the wheel 

  • Anti-corrosion coating of media for a long service life

  • AHRI Certified performance

The Hi-Panex-ION wheel is manufactured by winding flat and corrugated sheets of high quality aluminum substrate to form a fluted “honeycomb” structure. 

Ion resin is permanently bonded to the aluminum substrate and then coated with an antibacterial and mold-proof treatment that lasts the lifetime of the heat wheel. Sensible wheels transfer thermal energy only and do not adsorb moisture. Enthalpy wheels transfer both heat and moisture from one air stream to another.

Hi-Panex heat wheels reduces up to 80% of the humidity load of the outside air used for ventilating office buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels. HI-PANEX-ION wheels are AHRI Certified and have one of the highest recovery performance in the industry. 

Ion Exchange Resin vs 3A Zeolite & Silica Gel:
Odor transfer test Results


  • Hotels, motels, casinos, smoking rooms

  • Data cooling center

  • Offices and apartment buildings

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical labs etc

  • Public buildings, department stores and supermarkets

  • Production facilities for chip and other high tech manufacturing

  • Clean/Dry rooms and other humidity and climate control spaces

 On line HI-PANEX-ION® Heat Wheels Selection Tool

NOTE: The total energy recovery Effectiveness data reflected by the selection tool is calculated per AHRI Standard 1060 and is reflective of the rated performance values for cassettes manufactured by Seibu Giken and its affiliates as listed in AHRI Certification Program directory. To find AHRI Certified™ products, go to:
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