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VOC Concentrator


VOC concentrator cassette

This is environmental conservation equipment designed to selectively adsorb harmful VOCs and emit purified air.

Efficient treatment of VOCs allows for smaller system design, and supports economic development in terms of both environmental conservation and energy conservation.

For many years, air pollution has been a global issue. There are various causes of air pollution. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is one of these causes, which may generate Suspended Particulate Matters (SPM) and photo-chemical oxidants. Many VOCs such as benzene and toluene are emitted during painting processes, and from printing factories.


Emissions of VOC are regulated in many countries but, also they have an impact on employees’ health, and cause complaints from neighbors about bad odors.

Seibu Giken has successfully commercialized VOC concentration rotor with hydrophobic zeolite in 1988. The product has helped improve working environments and deodorizing, and its performance is highly rated.

VOC abatement system SKY-SAVE® S

A combination of a concentrator and an oxidizer makes a VOC abatement system efficient. This results in a smaller oxidizer and drastically reduces operating costs. By being equipped with an incombustible concentrator rotor, self combustion control as well as automatic stop functions, safety is well ensured.


  • Painting booths (automobiles, ships, aircraft, steel products, etc)

  • Printing (interior and exterior finish material printing, etc.)

  • Dry laminators

  • Manufacturing of a variety of electronic parts

  • Manufacturing of semiconductors

  • Manufacturing of LCDs

  • Large-scale research facilities

  • Clean rooms (for improvement of working environments)


  • Cleaning of the rotor and inside the product

  • Lubrication of bearings of drive units

  • Product condition check

  • Measurement of performance


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