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Dry Room Systems

Low dew point system

Super low dew point dry room achieving cleanliness, low humidity and cost reduction, using a desiccant dehumidifier.  

A dry room is a system consisting of a room surrounded by panels and a unit such as a dehumidifier to supply dry air. Our company provides the whole design, with obtained patents, including the dehumidifier, with our own desiccant rotor and the overall system of the dry room.

We manufacture dry rooms to meet the dew points our customers require, ranging from a general -40°C (-40°F) dew point level dry room to a super low dew point dry room supplying air with a dew point of -90°C (-130°F).

We offer not only designs of high-spec products, but also the establishment of energy-saving systems that maintain high performance and considerably reduced running costs.

Super low dew point compact dry room

By developing technologies and obtaining research results over years, we have established our own heat pump technology, and achieved energy conservation and high energy efficiency. In addition, we can establish high-performance systems by providing a one-stop service ranging from designing to production and construction. Our company offers a variety of customization, regardless of scale, from a lab with a capacity of a few people to a large-scale production line.


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Lithium-ion batteries and Lithium-ion capacitors

  • Research, development and manufacturing of OLED, etc.

  • System incorporating NMP recovery flow

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