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Our Products

Dehumidifier Rotors & Cassettes

Seibu Giken developed the first in the world activated silica-gel honeycomb rotor and commercialized it in 1984 for use in desiccant dehumidifiers.


After more than three decades of continuous research, product development, and experience in myriad applications, Seibu Giken developed D-MAX®, a completely re-engineered desiccant 
rotor with 40% higher moisture removal capacity. 


  • Chemically inert, non-shedding, washable rotors made of inorganic materials; non flammable and safe.

  • Works in 100% RH environments.

  • 90% of original performance after 10 years.

  • Dew Points down to -80°C (-112°F)

  • Airflow from 50 to 80,000 CFM;

  • Rotor depth 2", 4", 8" and 16". 

Heat Wheels

Hi-Panex Series Heat Wheels and Cassettes:

  • Airflow 500 to 90,000 CFM.

  • Lowest co-adsorption and odor transfer ratio than 3A molecular sieve desiccants.

  • Total energy transfer effectiveness up to 90%.

  • Built-in purge section.

  • Anti-corrosion coating and antibacterial treatment. 

  • Available for custom-built AHU or as OEM products.

VOC Concentrator

For many years, air pollution has been a global issue. There are various causes of air pollution. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is one of these causes.

Efficient treatment of VOCs allows for smaller system design, and supports economic development in terms of both environmental protection and energy conservation.

VOC concenntrators from Seibu Giken designed to selectively adsorb harmful VOCs and emit purified air. 

Dry Room Systems

A dry room is a system consisting of a room surrounded by panels and a unit such as a dehumidifier to supply dry air. We provide the whole design, with obtained patents, including the dehumidifier and Seibu Giken made desiccant rotor and the overall system of the dry room.

We manufacture dry rooms to meet the dew points ranging from a general -40°C (-40°F) dew point level dry room to a super low dew point dry room with a dew point of -90°C (-130°F).

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