VOC Concentrator

Puro-Save,VOC Concentrator

Operation Principles

Special Features

●High performance & efficiency
Using High silica zeolites and activated carbons with enormous adsorption capacity allows our VOCconcentrator to flexibly treat various kinds of VOCs and work under different conditions of operation.
●Capability of treating VOCs with high boiling point
Carbon material has a difficulty to treat VOCs with high boiling point due to its desorption temperature limit. In contrast, the characteristics of our zeolite rotors are incombustibility and high heat resistance, which enables our VOC concentrator to use the adsorption air with high temperature.
VOC easily polymerized by heat energy (e.g. styrene, cyclohexanone, etc) can be effectively treated by hydrophobic zeolite.
●Cleanability & activation by special heat treatment
Our zeolite rotors through calcining process have come to all inorganic material including the adhesive. Clogging in the rotor element might occur after a certain period of use.But, don't worry!! The rotor is washable in a proper manner to remove accumulated dust.It's even better that our zeolite rotor can be reactivated by heat treatment according to circumstances.

Typical Applications

Industry Possible Facility/Product
line subject to VOCs control
Treated VOCs
Automaker Steel manufacturer Painting booth Toluene, Xylene,Esters,
Steel furniture
Painting booth, Oven
Printing Dryer
tape manufacturer
Coating process, Cleaning unit Ketones,
Chemicals Oil refinery, Reactor Aromatic hydrocarbons,
Organic acids,
Aldehydes, Alcohols
Synthetic resin/
Glue Maker
Plastics,Plywood manufacturing process Styrene, Aldehydes, Esters
Semi-conductor Cleaning unit Alcohols, Ketones,

VOC Concentrator

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