Super Low Dew Point Glove Box

Desi-Cube , Super Low Dew Point Glove Box

For research and development works for advanced materials for lithium batteries, capacitors, organic light electro luminescence, thin-film solar cell etc.

Operation Principles

Special Features

●Super low dew point air easily supplied by Desiccant Dehumidifier “DRY-SAVE"
1ppmV or -76℃D.P.(-105°FD.P.) in the Glove box can be stably maintained.
●Economical as running coast can be minimized
Super low dew point air can be easily obtained by desiccant dehumidifier without using expensive inert gas.
●Compact standard design yet custom design available
Custom design is available upon request such as for one or three persons operation.
●Easy operation
Easy user friendly ON/OFF switch with automatic timer set up.

Standard Configuration

Installation Patterns

  • Condensing unit indoor installation Atype
  • Condensing unit indoor installation Btype
  • Condensing unit indoor installation Ctype
  • Condensing unit indoor installation Dtype
Specification SGB-200W
No. of Operator 2persons
Power Source 3-phase, 50/60Hz, 200/220/400V, 9.0kW (Rated)
Water Concentration
1ppmV(Dew Point -76℃D.P(-105°FD.P.)or lower)
Operation 1ppmV(Dew Point -76℃D.P(-105°FD.P.)or lower)
Type of Dehumidifier Desiccant rotor type
Material Glove Box SUS304(AISI304)
Gloves Butyl or Neo plane type rubber
Window Polycarbonate
Dimensions Dehumidifier 800W×1800L×1800H(mm) 31.5W×70.9L×70.9H(inch)
Glove Box 750W×2000L×1800H(mm) 29.5W×78.7L×72H(inch)
Pass Box Air tight external, Internal doors furnished
Condensing Unit 500W×800L×800H(mm) 19.7W×31.5L×31.5H(inch)

Note) Specifications are subject to change for modification without notice.
*Single person or3 persons operation type is available upon request.(option)

Glove Box

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